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Meme Time

List up to ten (10) things you want to say to ten (10) different people. Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any 'comment speculation.' Tag five (5) people.

1. I love and care about you, but I worry that you'll never have a life. You're 31, haven't had a job in ten years and rely on your mom for everything. You are smart and creative, but have the lowest self esteem of anyone I have ever known. I know you're scared, but you've got to take that step sometime or you'll wake up one day alone, with nothing and no one. Sometimes I want to yell at you to wake up and get the fuck over your fears. You cannot let them rule you as they have your entire life. I'm really afraid for what the future holds for you a lot of the time.

2. Half of the time I wish I had never met you. You've brought me such joy and pain. I hate the games you play, the way you disappear, the lies and sob stories you tell me. The truth is I don't believe most of what you tell me. But I put up with your shit because I care about you. You're smart, talented and mental...literally. I think you have mental issues as well as others that you have never told me about. But I still love you and can't stop thinking about you. I think I verge on the point of being obsessed with you at times. I can't forget the pain you've caused me, but I always take you back only to be shit on time and time again. I wish I could just let you go, cut all ties and walk away. But I know that will never happen.

3. I love you like a sister and I'm so glad we're friends. You accept me as I am. You are kind, sweet and always there for me. I love you so much and thank God everyday for our friendship.

4. I still think about you from time to time and wonder how you are.

5. You are a sweetie and have always been kind to me. I'm sorry we have drifted apart, but know you are always in my thoughts.

6. I'm sorry I don't talk to you as much as we used to, but the truth is you ramble on too much about yourself and your life a lot of the time and are domineering in conversations at time. You act like you're better than others and that is annoying. I know in my heart you don't feel this way, but it comes off that way.

7. You annoy me at times and yet I like you. Sometimes I think you play the same card you play with ML with me. Sometimes I think you try to hard to act like rp is not as important to you as it really is. Sometimes I think you ignore me on purpose.

8. I don't like how you won't let me get close to you. I try, but it seems just won't let me and I can't understand why. I love to rp with you, but hate how you fail to capture/play Billy's humerous and funny side. You've got the sweet/caring, sexual and angry side of him down. I just wish you'd play up his humerous side as well.

9. Sometimes I wonder if you're really not around as much as you claim you're not. I see you online and sign off line yet you never say a word to me despite me leaving you messages and such. I wish you had more time...for everything. But I guess that's life.

10. I often wonder why we are still "friends" after all these years. It's not like it was in the beginning. I still love talking to you. You never fail to make me laugh.

Tagging anyone who feels like doing this.
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