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Do Not Wake Me

In Dreams

So much to tell and yet not much to say. Only time will tell if you find me interesting. So pull up a chair and sit for a spell. You never know you might just find we have a lot in common.

All right so I've caved and will tell you a bit about me. Prepare to be amazed or bored.

*Fandom is a way of life for me. I obssesively talk about Dom Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Lost, Lord of the Rings and to a more minor extent the lovely Kate Winslet. I'm not a bitchy fan girl and I don't stir shit up, but I do state my opinion, but at the same time respect those who do not agree with it. Or at least try to. *g* So it goes without saying that you will see lots about the above in my journal.

*I write about work ocassionally, but try not to as it is just that, work. And I only do it because I have to.

*I'm moody, sensitive, funny, emotional and spend too much time on this contraption.

*I love to role play in the LOTR and LOST fandom. I adore MonaBoyd and I'm always looking for people to rp the pair with. But I'm open to het as well. *g* And other pairings.

*I have issues I will never write about, but will write from time to time about trying to find my way in life. It's a big, long journey and I'll admit I've gotten lost several times along the way.

*My online friends are just as important to me as my real life friends, though in a different way. I need both.

*I *am* a night owl. Very rarely will you find me in bed before 1 am. Even on the week days when I have to get up at the crack of dawn.

*Books, thunder storms, sunsets, music, movies, friends, nature and family all inspire me and make me happy. Okay, so family doesn't always make me happy. In fact sometimes the drive me absolutely batty. But then there are times when they say or do something that absolutely stuns me and makes me smile, and think they're not so bad.

*Three things I must have on a daily basis are rp, my computer and coffee. Yes, I'm a coffee junkie as well.

*I don't put my messenger info on my profile simply because too many people know it and would know this is my journal. If you ever want to chat, drop me a comment and/or email and I'll be happy to send it you. Especially if you're into the same fandoms as I am.