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Fic: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' 1/1 Dom/Billy (PG)

Title: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'
Fandom: Actor/Real Person
Characters: Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd
Prompt: 079. Winter
Word Count: 256
Rating: PG
Summary: Dom surprises Billy.
Author's Notes: Woohoo! My first story for 100_situations!! Only 99 more to go! *g*

The snow crunched beneath Billy's feet as he carried the wood up the slippery and semi-cleared stony path. The bitter cold wind cut through him as the snow fell down around him in a pristine white blanket. He gently kicked the door a couple of times and then stood waiting. And waiting. Another kick to the door did not render it to open. He waited a few more moments.

"Dommie!" Billy yelled, pressing his face against the glass as he peered inside. The living room was empty. "Little shit," he mumbled as he turned and dropped the pile of wood he was carrying, pushed the door open and stepped inside. He blinked and stood staring as Dom came into the room. In one hand he carried two glasses and in the other a bottle of wine. But the real attention getter, aside from the obvious, was a big red bow tied around his midsection. "Bit nippy for your birthday suit, isn't it?" Billy finally managed.

Dom only grinned. "Happy Anniversary, Bills," he spoke as he crossed the room, wrapped his arms around Billy and kissed his tenderly.

"I'm impressed. You remembered," Billy teased.

"How could I forget? Been buggering you for two years now," Dom said pressing his hips against Billy.


Dom laughed softly. "Never mind that. I just want you to open your present," Dom purred, nuzzling against Billy. Dom's eyes were dark and the hint of eyeliner made Billy's stomach flip flop as he took his hand and led him toward the bedroom.

The End
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