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A Beautiful Lie...

Came across a couple decent job prospects during my search today. This is good. Maybe one of them will actually pan out. We'll see.

My friend Donna is being a total bitch and acting like she's about 12 years old. We haven't talked in the last six days because she's pissed because I caught her in a lie and doesn't want to admit it. So needless to say we haven't spoken and hell will freeze over before I'm the first one to make a move. I'm not apologizing. I did nothing wrong. She's the one who went all bitchy and LIED.

I'm so loving rp'ing Dom against Jared Leto. And speaking of Jared, I went out and bought 30 Seconds To Mars first two CD's. Not bad actually. Not quite my usual style, but still not bad. Holly sent me three acoustic songs of theirs that I really like.
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